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Welcome to the future – welcome to the world of   TMRW  TMRW  ®

What is TMRW®?

The TMRW ® smartphone applications applications delivering a bridge between the hotel operators and its guests, our main aim is not just to find a balance between providing an outstanding guest experiance but focusing on providing efficient hotel operations too

The TMRW ® smartphone applications applications are game-changer digital hotel guests systems, that embarks guests on a digital experience while allowing hotels/hostels/apartments to operate in a more efficient, autamted, less-administrative, green and cost-reduced way.

Increasing efficiency

Front Office, Reservation, Housekeeping

Digital guest experience

8 languages, self check in / check out, phone based door opening, ordering services, integrated payment, cost control, real time communication, managing in room facilities

Redefining processes

Automation: check in, check out, invoicing, administration, housekeeping management

Workforce optimization

Current roles could be merged, redefined resulting a more efficient operation even with less staff

Paper free operation

Check in / out documents, do not disturb cards, brochures

One solution

for all kinds of acommodations

TMRW® enables integrated integrated smart management of hotel, village, resort, apartments or glamping.

web platform

iOS app

Android app

3rd party systems

A bridge system

connecting all components

TMRW® aplication

is creating a bridge between hotel and guest trough:

smartphone aplication

(samostojna prijava, odjava, rezervacija, plačila, odklepanje vrat, naročila v sobo)

TMRW® smartphone aplication is compatible with most of property management systems – replacement of existing back-office systems is not necessary.

Step towards future

choose TMRW®

Company 5 START d.o.o. is exclusive representative of TMRW® digital services for Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

We are happy to answer all your questions!